Aren’t we lucky to live in such a colourful world! We see colours changing all around us like when an egg is being fried, a piece of toast gets burnt, an apple rots or when leaves change on a tree. There are also lots of cool colour changing experiments we can do ourselves, using a type of science called chemistry. Chemistry explores the things that make up matter (everything that takes up space in the universe). It also looks at how things change when substances are combined and a reaction takes place. Lots of “wow” stuff is because of chemical reactions and processes, from the food we eat to crazy special effects, amazing magic tricks, and criminal investigations. And the best way to learn is to try them out! Are you ready to fight crime with science and make different colours dance?

Experiments included:

  1. Candy rainbows
  2. Colourful dancing milk
  3. Hidden ink discovery
  4. Chromatography butterfly
  5. Crushed cabbage indicator

Each experiment comes with a handy QR code so these can be scanned to take you to an explainer video for extra help.