STEAM Education

At My Discovery Lab we are passionate about creating STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) learning experiences for young children. With a rapidly changing world and the advances in our current use of technology – how do we prepare our young children for the future? The answer lies in equipping them with the skills for the 21st century by training them to effectively think for themselves, to solve problems by creatively using new ideas.

  • How Does it Works

    Buy individual boxes OR on subscription

    Encourage your child to explore the magic of science with My Discovery Lab. We offer at-home laboratory boxes that are full of cool experiments, exciting activities, and thrilling investigations. Plus, everything is based on STEAM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), making them a great way to support your child’s learning. Start their journey of discovery today.
  • Our boxes

    As educational experts with years of teaching experience we have specially designed these boxes to be age appropriate and fit the curriculum stage of your child. Boxes contain all the necessary materials to conduct five experiments each month.

    Extra- Curricular Activities Programs


    ECA packages

    My Discovery Lab has created 3 different extra-curricular (ECA) packages available for children aged 3-5, 6-9 and 10-14 years. We have developed these packages depending on how many hours you would like your child to spend on their My Discovery Lab ECA in term one (which is 12 -14 weeks long) and how far you would like to extend their scientific enquiry skills. (Find out more, button).