Can I pick and choose which boxes we receive?
Answer :
No. All customers receive their boxes in a prescribed order because they have been specifically developed to build certain skills in line with your child's age and curriculum level.
I have lost my login details what should I do?
Answer :
If you forget your password and/or login details, go to login page and follow the instructions to reset your information.
How do I renew my subscription?
Answer :
Your subscription does not renew automatically. We will send you an email reminder shortly before your subscription package expires. You can then go to the login page and purchase a new subscription package. All of your information is stored on the system to ensure that you receive the correct box, following on from your previous deliveries.
How much help will my child need to complete the experiments?
Answer :
Every child is different and some will need more help than others. Younger children will definitely need your assistance and the 3 to 5 years booklet includes tips and background information for adults. Whilst the experiments and activities for older children encourage them to explore independently, we still recommend parental supervision. Plus, the boxes are a fun way to discover something new together!
What is the difference between the different age group boxes?
Answer :
Boxes share some of the same experiments but others are specific to that age group. Where the experiments are the same, the language is more in-depth and the booklets include age-appropriate content to challenge, inform, and inspire.
How do you choose the themes?
Answer :
Using our experience, we combine physics, chemistry, and biology to bring you the most engaging and interesting experiments. Some of the elements tie into the curriculum and our philosophy is based on helping your children discover how science works. We prompt them to discover, explore, and investigate by learning about the scientific method, where they ask appropriate questions and work to find out the answer.
Why buy through my school?
Answer :
You can choose to purchase your boxes for delivery through school or direct to your home address. The school receives a small commission which helps to improve resources. We are very passionate about working with schools and nurseries to promote hands-on learning and, as part of this collaboration, we will be hosting lots of fun activities and events.
Do I need a separate box for each child?
It's up to you! The boxes can be shared between more than one child, however, they may prefer to have their own.
I am leaving Dubai can I get a refund?
Refunds are made in line with our cancellation policy, however, if you are leaving Dubai you can contact us and a decision will be made at the discretion of my Discovery Lab.
How much does delivery cost?
All purchases over 150AED will receive free delivery. Purchases under 150AED will be charged a 20AED delivery fee.
How long does my science kit take to arrive?
We normally get our products to you within 2-3 days of purchasing and no later than 5 working days.
If I purchase a subscription, when can I expect the monthly boxes to arrive?
For all subscription packages, we get our boxes ready for dispatch on the second Sunday of each month which means you will receive it no later than the second Tuesday of each month.
Can I put my subscription on hold, if I am travelling or we haven’t had time to complete the previous boxes?
Yes we can be very flexible, just contact us by telephone or email and we can arrange that for you.
Can I have 2 boxes delivered each month instead of just one?
Yes we can be very flexible with how frequently you wish to receive them.
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