This box is ready for our Polymer Scientist.  Yes, slime is Science, honestly! So it’s time to roll those sleeves up and get experimenting to make different types of home-made slime and explore their properties. This box has the following experiments:

  • Make slime and explore its properties (includes all materials to accessorize and colour the slime)
  • Orbeez slime (includes making coloured water beads)
  • Cloud slime (includes making instant snow using sodium polyacrylate)
  • Fluffy Slime (using shaving foam)

This box is recommended for children age 5 and above

This box makes a great gift, tell us in the notes section if you would like us to send it to a birthday celebrant and we can add a complimentary birthday card on your behalf.  Just tell us in the notes section, what to write in your card.



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