Become engineers of fantastic structures with you guessed it - wooden sticks!

Have a look at the buildings around you. Why does your house look the way it does? How is it designed and built differently compared to a big hotel, a carpark, or a mall with lots of shops? Engineers are responsible for building everything from skyscrapers and vehicles, to home appliances, computers, and more. No matter what they’re working on, they apply the engineering design process, which is all about being creative, coming up with lots of ideas and seeing which ones work the best. We’ve picked some of our favourite engineering challenges, using craft sticks, to get you started but remember, there’s no limit to what you can do when you use your imagination and feel free to invent your own!

Experiments included:

  1. Gumdrop towers
  2. Great engineering challenge
  3. Collapsing chain reaction
  4. Craft stick catapult
  5. Craft stick LED wand

Each experiment comes with a handy QR code so these can be scanned to take you to an explainer video for extra help.