So, in our SCIENCE STARTER 4 week package is the first four boxes in our My Discovery Lab Series. 

4 Week Plan includes 20 Science Experiments for kids Available for all ages (3-5, 6-9 and 10-14) 

This means your child will be able to use one box per week of your package.  Please note that each box contains 5 experiments and activities to ensure that they will be busy all week!  These will all be sent in one special package, delivered safely to your home.  The boxes will be numbered in series so children can work through them in sequence and get weekly support on zoom if needed (your log in details will be sent in our boxes).

Box 1 - Blast Off! Figuring out how forces work

Children get to explore the science of rockets and learn how the basic principles of forces apply to the dizzying realms of space discovery.

Box 2 - Slime, Slugs & Wobbly Blobs: Discovering the properties of polymers

It's time to get their hands dirty with home-made slime as they understand how the properties of polymers affect the way different materials behave.

Box 3 - Small Seeds and Mighty Trees: Investigating plant growth

Open their eyes to the magic of possibility when children uncover the power of tiny seeds and what they need to grow.

Box 4 -Cool Colour Science

Aren’t we lucky to live in such a colourful world! We see colours changing all around us like when an egg is being fried, a piece of toast gets burnt, an apple rots or when leaves change on a tree. There are also lots of cool colour changing experiments we can do ourselves, using a type of science called chemistry.

 Also included in each box is an additional weekly competition!

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