Advanced Science Package – spend up to 2 hour pers week (includes 30 experiments and projects)

So, we will send you the first six boxes in our My Discovery Series to allow for more than two hours of experimenting per week for the whole term, this includes the following boxes:

(1) Blast Off, Figuring out how forces work (Physics focus)

(2) Slime, Slugs & Wobbly Blobs: Discovering the properties of polymers (Chemistry)

(3) Small Seeds & Mighty Trees: Investigating plant growth (Biology)

(4) Cool Colour Science: Explore impressive scientific processes (Chemistry)

(5) Incredible Craft Stick Challenges: Use the engineering design process to overcome obstacles and challenges (Engineering/Physics)

(6) Amazing Animal Adaptations: Exploring animal adaptations (Biology)

Please note that each box contains 5 experiments and activities (so 30 in total).  Each experiment has full instructions, explanations and explore more opportunities.  There are also QR codes to instructional videos should they be required.  This package allows children to develop and apply their scientific enquiry skills with progression through these experiments and projects. 

Unique to this package, each box will contain a special competition.  Children can send their entries to us via email to be in with the chance to win special awards and prizes.  Also, they can share pictures or video’s of their project work on social media @mydiscoverylab to enter our prize draw to win more amazing science kits!

The price for this package is 840dhs plus VAT for ages 3-5 years and 900dhs plus VAT for the 6-9 or 10-14 years.

Our Boxes Details 

As educational experts with years of teaching experience we have specially designed these boxes to be age appropriate and fit the curriculum stage of your child. Boxes contain all the necessary materials to conduct five experiments each month.

  (+5% VAT)