Become engineers of fantastic structures with you guessed it - wooden sticks!

Hands up if you know what hot air balloons, cargo ships, and lava lamps have in common? The answer is density, and that’s what we’re going to be exploring this month. We’ll be focusing on how density affects whether something floats or sinks and thinking about the amount of space different objects take up in relation to how heavy they are - because that’s where the secret of density lies! Get ready to float boats, stack liquids, make jellyfish dive, and create your very own bubbling lava lamp!


Experiments included:


  1. The Great Flinking Challenge
  2. Density Tower
  3. Measuring Density
  4. Salty Science
  5. Sugary Coloured Towers
  6. Bubbling Lava Lamps
  7. Deep Ocean Divers


Each experiment comes with a handy QR code so these can be scanned to take you to an explainer video for extra help.


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